Hank Shaw Can Help Turn Your Fish & Game Into A Feast!

Friends –

If you like to eat wild game and fish, not to mention gather wild things for the table, I’m thinking you will like the link below to Hank Shaw’s website.

Most of you know that I love to hunt and fish and cook and eat. I like the right drink to wash it all down too.

I have a shelf of books devoted to cooking fish and wild game, but I would gladly trade them for the books Hank Shaw has produced. He’s good, his website shown below is a mouthwatering treasure and right now I’m fascinated with the recipes it shows for charcuterie.

Now that I have this blog up and running and have included a section for recipes, I will include a link to Hank’s site to help folks out. For those of you who missed the recipe for Jerome Lipetzky’s Tacootos or Sal’s Sicilian Coot Breasts, I will soon have them listed in the recipes section with the help of Web mistress Chelsea who takes care of everything I can’t do, which is just about everything.


Click here: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – Finding the Forgotten Feast


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