The Sporting Life Once Again Has A Pulse

Friends and Followers –

After months in a coma, The Sporting Life is on its way back, thanks to the interest and efforts of Webmistress Chelsea who was looking for an addition to her growing resume at the same time I was looking to get back to work on my blog.

Previously, this blog used a site called Blogger and over a period of time readers complained that it was difficult for them to interact by providing comments, entering a discussion or simply contacting me.  Their complaints were matched by my frustration over the same issues, so Chelsea’s first order of business was to move The Sporting Life from Blogger to Word Press which seems to better accommodate interaction which is the fuel that helps to keep me writing.

For you to provide me with that fuel is as easy as signing up as a follower at the bottom of this page and I’ve been promised that signing up will not make you vulnerable to ads or unsolicited emails from Word Press.  What it will do is provide you with email notification when there is a new post and me with the justification to keep at it.


Please note that those of you who signed up as followers on Blogger cannot be carried over to Word Press, meaning that you will have to sign up here, which should take about ten seconds.

Whether a new or old follower, know that for those who do take the time to sign up – I am most grateful that you will do so and that I will welcome any comments you may have.  Knowing that there are those interested in following The Sporting Life is my only reward for taking the time and effort I put into sharing it with you, and the only reason it again has a pulse.


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