Three Things I Want You to Know!

First of all, my apologies for not continuing to add new entries to my blog since January.  A few of you have taken the time to tell me that you looked forward to my blog and are disappointed that I have not kept up with it.  I appreciate such comments, because the knowledge that people are following the blog is the fuel that keeps my writing going.  Additionally, I was growing ever more frustrated with my lack of computer skills and aptitude for same which resulted in a pretty dull format, the absence of photos and a failure to provide links that might be of benefit to readers.

Secondly, the kind comments and messages from a few followers regarding my writing – even if they were exaggerating – has inspired me to get back in the saddle.  So inspired, that I now have a Webmistress.  Aside from the writing and sharing which I enjoy greatly, Chelsea Paulus has agreed to tackle the technical details I deplore, in other words, all of the dirty work.  Chelsea is in the process of giving The Sporting Life an overhaul that includes a much-needed facelift in the form of an improved and interactive layout as well as photos and links.  If you need similar help, you can email Chelsea at cpcawebservices@gmail.com.

And finally, to help facilitate all of this, we have loaded all of the blogging tools and equipment into the back of my truck and are moving from Blogger to Word Press, resulting in the following new address which I am hoping you will visit often and share with friends who might be interested.  For convenience, you can simply click here jimbrowns-sportinglife.com.

In summary, thanks for your past support, especially those who have taken the time to tell me that you have missed The Sporting Life.  If there are enough of you who will keep reading; I’ll keep writing.



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