My Family’s Gift Of Understanding

On this date a mere 69 years ago, I was born here in San Diego near the corner of 16th and B Street in the long gone Quintard Hospital.  Yep, today is my birthday and I thank my family and friends for honoring me with the gift of understanding.

This year, my birthday falls the day before a hunt day.  Tentative plans to take me to a nice restaurant for a birthday dinner have been scuttled in favor of picking another night this week for celebration and urging me to do precisely what I would like to do on this day – and I’m going hunting!

The waterfowl season comes to an end very soon and I want to take advantage of the few remaining days at our Whistling Wings Duck Club.  The truck is already loaded with my sleeping bag and hunting gear.  In two hours our springer spaniel Jack and I will jump into the truck and head out to pick up a long time hunting partner (my longest actually) and we will head east toward Imperial Valley and the Salton Sea.

About the time we arrive at the cabin, we will be joined by two more hunting partners and their dogs followed by an hour or so sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset with the appropriate beverages and watching for ducks and geese against the darkening sky.  There will be carne asada and tortillas on the barbecue for dinner, a roaring campfire and another drink or two before it is time to turn in for some sleep before the morning’s hunt.

A nice family dinner celebration can come later in the week.  It may be selfish of me, but spending the next 24 hours or so in the “swamp” with friends and dogs is how I will spend this 69th birthday, and I appreciate my family’s gift of understanding most of all.


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