Time Is As Short As This Post

Like a squirrel trying to cram one more acorn into its cheek before the first major snowfall, I find myself with more things than I have time to do.  Time is short because in less than 48 hours we should be about a third of the way into the 565 mile journey that will takes us and a truckload of presents to the home of our daughter and her family in Oroville.

I’m not the least bit ready for the trip, yet I’m preparing for it by later today driving 144 miles to our Whistling Wings Duck Club for my last hunt of 2015 – gotta do it, the ducks are in – hunting Wednesday morning and afterward retracing the drive home.  That should give me about 12 hours, including a couple of them in daylight to do what needs to be done around here, plus loading the sleigh before heading out in the wee hours Thursday morning.  It is much safer to drive through LA in the dark in order to avoid seeing it, than it is to close our eyes.

It will be a little hectic and key things will no doubt be forgotten or left in the driveway, but that is kind of the way I’ve rolled for nearly seven decades and I figure it is too late to try to change now.

We always have a good time and the grandkids are growing older and more mature to the point of being reasonably tolerable and fun to be around much of the time.  We’ll get out the Red Ryder BB guns I gave them last Christmas in order to shoot some cans in the yard, play a little golf and if I can convince them, do a little birding along the Sacramento River.  The area is usually loaded with migrating ducks, geese and swans and I hope to share with the kids my enjoyment of watching them.

If there is room after our luggage, a dog kennel and the presents have been stashed in the truck, I’ll find room for my golf sticks and a shotgun should an appropriate opportunity knock, and speaking of opportunity, I’ll be keeping an eye on my Aztecs via television.  It begins on the 23rd when the top ranked Kansas Jayhawks arrive at Viejas Arena to try to avenge the loss the Aztecs handed them in their own arena a couple of years ago.  A day later, Christmas Eve should prove interesting as during the course of a large dinner and party I will try to steal away in order to get glimpses of the football Aztecs who will be playing the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Hawaii Bowl.  Go Aztecs!

Things are good for us and I hope they are for you as well, so with that I will wish you a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you prefer) and a Happy New Year! 


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