Time To Write Something….Anything

As evidenced by the title, as well as the date of my last post – I’ve not had much to say of late – certainly not enough for a decent blog entry.  I’m not doing much, largely because others are.  To wit:

Our daughter, her husband and the grandkids came down to San Diego for a visit and the trips to the beach, Balboa Park and the timeshare at Lawrence Welk kept me reasonably occupied, certainly enough for a partial excuse for the things I’m not doing.

If that is not enough, there is the fact that our son and his wife are on a a two month camping tour of the country, along with a detour through eastern Canada.  Last night they were in New Orleans and this afternoon made it to Illinois.  Like his old man, our son is a bit of a road warrior and his wife is enjoying a tour of historic sites and pleasant beaches.  They epitomize the idea that its about the journey as much as the destinations.

Stopping by their house daily to check on the plants, chickens and a Russian tortoise completes my excuse for not doing much else of late and provides fresh eggs as a bonus.

In really good news, two of my favorite seasons will arrive shortly; Aztec football and the beginning of an assortment of bird hunting seasons that will commence with doves, followed by quail, grouse, ducks and pheasant – and pretty much in that order.

Like I said, it was time to write something….anything – and  I have. 


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