Little Bites of The Sporting Life – Kind of Like Tapas in Print!

When it comes to the discipline necessary for me to sit down and add to my blog, it’s not so much that I’m lazy or don’t schedule my time well (though both are true), as much as this is a time when most of the hallmarks of my sporting life are on a seasonal hiatus.

My “business” card states:  The Sporting Life – Bird Hunting, Fly Fishing, Gun Dogs, Golf, Great Food, Spirits, Family and Friends.

At this time the bird hunting season is closed and will not resume until September 1.  I could be planning and doing some fly fishing….but I’m not.  As for the gun dogs, they’re mostly just following me around and taking long naps on the bed where their twitching suggest to me they too are dreaming of bird seasons past or in the future.  Golf is pretty much just an expensive afterthought.

The remaining features of my sporting life, great food, spirits, family and friends are as intact as ever and not prone to the seasonal considerations of the aforementioned aspects of my sporting life, but here is the problem from a blogging perspective – I’d rather write about the things I do that happen to be seasonal than the more personal  and happily constant aspects of my life.

Regular readers of this space will recall that for the last few months, I’ve occasionally written about the pleasures of a resurrected coaching career that took place at my high school alma mater of 51 years ago, after being “hired” by son Ryan who teaches at San Diego High School.  The season came to an end last week with the Junior Varsity Lady Cavers having a firm hold on third place with a 7-4 record.  It was a pleasure to work with Ryan and have something I had to do each weekday afternoon, despite being reminded that teen girls can at times be a mysterious and incredible pain in the ass.

In short, I don’t have a single entree to write about today that you might find interesting – just a few small bites – tapas – that may or may not be of interest…

Fishing – Yellowtail fishing at the Coronado Islands has at times been outstanding in recent days for big fish when the conditions are right.  Fishing for large rainbows has been excellent at Lake Cuyamaca where and when the conditions are controlled by simply planting more big trout, with the next load arriving next week.  Confirm that the lake has been planted and troll around with a small floating fire tiger Rapala.  Simple as that.

Golf – Now that softball is over, I’ll try to get back to it after the trip, but all in all, it seems the game and I are passing each other by.  I find it a little expensive and time-consuming; it finds me a little cheap and unnecessarily worried about time I wouldn’t be spending well anyway.

Dogs – Gus and Jack are fine and continuing to model their lives after Beaver Cleaver and Eddie Haskell respectively.

The Trip – Planning for a little getaway has taken more twists and turns than Belmont Amusement Park’s Big Dipper.  The trip to Montana, the Dakotas, Iowa and who knows where else has undergone some serious re-routing.  The truck will stay home in the driveway and we will be flying to New Orleans where we will stay and play in the French Quarter and Garden District before renting a car and heading toward the Florida Keys, including a stop near Tampa for a short visit with Cousin Mike.  Airline tickets have been purchased, allowing 11 days for that adventure.

The Bed(s) – Aside from a night or two in Cousin Mike’s spare bedroom, I have no idea the location of our bed for the remaining nights, beyond the hope to find some decent ones in New Orleans and The Keys.  I’ve spent hours reviewing the reviews for the older and quaint boutique hotels of the French Quarter (“the room was dirty and smelled of smoke, mildew and urine, staff was generally surly”), and the larger chains like Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton (“another example of a characterless, commercial and industrial hotel that could have been in any major city in the country”).  Thanks Yelp!

Packing – No one in this house is good at it.  Part of the problem is mere indecision which results in trying to take too much, but a bigger problem is choosing the most suitable pair of blue denims from a range of manufacturers.  None of them it turns out.  The dogs, and worse yet, the mirror scream out “mom jeans,” regardless of which pair I try on.  Even worse….they’re right!

Aztecs – My blood as you may know runs Red and Black.  Aztec softball fought its way out of the losers bracket by beating Texas in extra innings which earned them the dubious privilege of having to take two straight today from UCLA on the Bruins filed – which did not happen.  The Aztec golf team went to the qualifying regional on the course at Yale (big “region” I guess) and placed second among a host of teams which earned them a ticket to the national championship tournament.  Looks like the baseball team will see some post-season action as well.  Next comes football with two new position coaches, some new players and a sack full of hope along with some fully inflated footballs.

I reckon that’s about it.  When I sat down I felt that I didn’t have much interesting to say and after glancing back over what I’ve written, I’d say I was right.

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