Glad That’s Over!

Had my shoulder surgery around noon Thursday and the Fentanyl and Percocet fog is just starting to lift enough to try writing something.  The shoulder will need a few weeks of rehab to get back to normal (which was a long time ago), but I’m pretty confident about that and the surgery related pain has not been bad at all.

Far and away the worst part of this was the extraordinary itchiness that lasted for thirty-six hours across my entire back and was finally gone when I got up this morning.  It felt like I’d been rolling around in fiberglass home insulation and it was MISERABLE.  I used everything I could find to scratch the itch and if my keepers had allowed me out of the house, I’m afraid I’d have been asking strangers to scratch my back.

I don’t recall that from my last shoulder surgery, but then I don’t remember eating the Number Three Combo plate (taco, tostada, enchilada, rice and beans) and washing it all down with a couple Negra Modelos) following surgery, and spending the night puking despite the doctor’s recommendation to avoid spicy foods and alcohol for a couple days.

Exploration in the world of Google mentions post-surgery itching with links to the anesthetic as well as the painkiller which I ceased taking 24 hours ago.  At this point, the itching is almost entirely gone, the narcotic fog is lifting and the pain is pretty minimal – so I’m good!  Right?


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