Filling Space In The Sporting Life

Most aspects of my sporting life remain on hold for the time being.  The waterfowl season ended in January and fishing hasn’t moved me, although I have to say the spawning run of big rainbows in the low flows of the Owens River are pretty entcicing.

At times like this, when there is a lull between fishing and hunting opportunities, I normally turn to golf, but event that is on hold per doctor’s orders while my shoulder continues to heal from surgery.  I had my first post-op meeting with my doctor and he told me that my left shoulder was in even worse shape than the right shoulder he overhauled last year, and was full of scar tissue that had to be removed before he could begin work on the working parts.

Once again, the long head biceps tendon was tearing badly, so in addition to snipping it completely he shaved the bone spur that was causing the tear, tuned up the labrum and AC joint and scraped a patch of arthritis.  The shoulder now feels fine, but he wants me to rehab it a bit before turning me loose to swing a golf club.

With the more active parts of my life on hold, the spectator portion of my sporting life is going just fine.  Aztec basketball leads their conference and they have returned to a top 25 national ranking.  Frankly, the team appears to be peaking at just the right time with March Madness just ahead on the calendar.  Depending on their seeding, they’re a decent bet to make thw Sweet 16.

Aztec football signed one of their better recruiting classes along with a new offensive coordinator, and younger coaches for special teams, receivers and quarterbacks.  I’ll be watching closely to see how the quarterback position develops.  If they can come up with a solid starter with skills to match the new offensive system being installed – and avoid major injuries – I believe this is a team that will make some noise next season.  I know, I’ve said that before and been wrong, so no need to remind me.  


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