Cleaning, Sorting, Rigging and Painting Some Dekes In Advance Of Shoulder Surgery

The end of the waterfowl season has presented me with the leisure time needed to take care of a couple of things that I’ve had to wait to get to.

The first involves surgery on my left shoulder, and if it goes half as well as the same surgery on my right shoulder last spring, I’ll be happy.  For lack of a better description, it’s kind of a tune-up to get the moving parts moving again, the right way and without pain.

The real impetus for this is once again the long head of the biceps tendon which is apparently fraying or tearing and will need to be snipped, leaving only the short head of the biceps tendon to do the job.  The underlying problem in the right shoulder was a bone spur that had to be shaved down, and while he was at it, the surgeon snipped the biceps tendon, scraped a couple spots of arthritis and did a little work on the labrum as well.

Surgery is slated for Thursday and after that I’ll be good to go with no need for these particular worn parts to last for another 68 years.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy sorting duck decoys and scrubbing off most of the algae that collected on them over the course of the season, meaning the dekes have been soaking in our ponds at Whistling Wings Duck Club from the second week in October through the last weekend in January.  That’s long enough to grow plenty of crud on their bottoms.

After washing, scrubbing and removing all anchors and anchor lines, I dutifully sorted and re-rigged everyone one of them with fresh anchor lines, and quite a few with better anchors.  The only ones I have the ability to paint are the coot decoys, which are mostly all a very deep and flat charcoal gray for the bodies, black for the heads, red for the eyes and ivory for the bills.

At this point all of the bodies have been sprayed with two coats of paint and will dry overnight.  Tomorrow I’ll pick up some small brushes for detailing and get to work as the 2015-16 season is only 40 weeks away, and my shoulder as well as my decoys needs to be ready.



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