Post Office Kudos, Christmas Trip, Aztecs and Other Stuff

A little before noon Monday, I delivered our Christmas cards to the drive up mail boxes at San Diego’s main Post office.  The following day I drove to Mesa Grande in the mountains near Julian to visit old friends who had received the card that morning.  They live on a rural route and had the card in their hands less than 24 hours after I’d mailed it!

When I got home, there were phone messages and emails from others who had received the card the day after it was mailed.  Cards sent to the east coast will be delivered today and tomorrow.  Cards to Canada are already in Canada, but my Canadian friends say it will be a week or more before they are delivered by their posal service.  For some reason, bashing of the postal service is a popular sport for some people, particularly politicians and folks who have to blame someone for their own procrastination – but my hat is off to those who sort and deliver our mail, because overall it is an efficient system and the employees do a great job of making it work.

The occasional letter than shows up 40 years after it was mailed is a mystery that gets a lot of attention and is remembered for a long time, but 99.99999999999% of the things we mail arrives at its destination on time and in good condition.  I don’t recall that I have ever had the experience of a letter lost or damaged by the post office – but if and when I do – you won’t hear be bitching about it – the Post Office is much closer to perfect than I am.

Fishing, hunting and lobstering will be on hold for awhile as we make the 565 trek to Oroville to deliver carefully wrapped Christmas packages for the grandkids who don’t much appreciate wrapping paper, ribbons or bows.  We’ve made it a point to make the journey each Christmas and despite the long drive, it is always a good trip that produces memories that will last a lifetime, and pounds that will linger for longer than I’ll like.

Everyone has been warned that I will slink off around 6:00 on the evening of Christmas eve eve (December 23rd) in order to be in front of a television for my Aztecs Poinsettia Bowl matchup with Navy that will get underway at 6:30.  It may be smaller than the one at the house, but it will not have the interference of others who do not share my Aztec Fever.  I don’t miss many Aztec “home” games and should be tailgating for this one, but missing it around Christmas is pretty much necessary in order for me to remain a member of the family.

Speaking of Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Winter Solstice or anything else you choose, or choose not to observe) I wish you and yours well, along with a Happy New Year.


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