Christmas in Oroville, the Aztecs Step on Their Genitals and the I-5 Zombies

The annual Christmas trip to Oroville was another good one and without mishap, aside from the time spent watching my Aztecs step on their genitals in the Poinsettia Bowl match-up against the Naval Academy.  I’m a loyal and long-time fan of Aztec football and like others of my ilk – a long suffering one.

For years we have dreamed of the Aztecs becoming a legitimate Division I football program, one good enough to be courted by one of the major conferences, but nothing about the coaching, play or outcome of that game would suggest we are there yet, or even headed in the right direction.

As bad as the game was, it didn’t dim an otherwise good family gathering and visit of ten days that ended this afternoon following the 565 mile and 8.3 hour March of the Zombies down Interstate 5.  By leaving Oroville at 4:50 a.m., we stayed ahead of most of the southbound travelers and avoided any significant delays.  The same could not be said for the northbound holiday weekend zombies who were pretty much bumper to bumper from San Clemente to the Grapevine.  I’m glad to have not been among them.

Gas prices were generally pretty good through the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys with most stations hovering around $2.50 per gallon.  Sadly, there were quite a few pirates along the route selling gas for nearly a buck more per gallon – and they had customers!

In any event, I’m back and once I find the saddle I’ll climb back into it.


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