Ironing the Irony

One of my fishing and hunting partners who shall remain nameless gave me a call this morning.  He’d recently done a great job of turning a free “project” boat into a well outfitted boat for fishing local bays.  A new trailer, fresh gel coat and a host of other repairs and accessories made for a very expensive “free” boat as well, not to mention the hundreds of hours of labor he put into it.

In addition to fishing the bay, a huge chunk of his motivation, the biggest even, came from the fact that it was the perfect boat for hoopnetting lobsters at night.  We took her out Tuesday night and as he’d dreamed – we caught lobsters.

What does this have to do with his call to me this morning?  He wanted to let me know that after finishing his dinner of a plump lobster dipped in butter last night,  his eyes began to water and he got more itches all over his body than a coyote with mange.

Thousands of dollars to fix up and outfit the perfect lobster skiff, a bucket full of the tasty crustaceans, a succulent tail dipped in butter and  the onset of a virulent allergy.  Priceless!


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