I’m Behind Schedule, But We’re Still Leaving Tomorrow

With the ringneck pheasants, sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge of Montana and North Dakota beckoning, our springers Gus and Jack are ready for a three week roadtrip that begins tomorrow.  Despite the fact we will be retracing our trips of the last two years, and this one has been planned for a year, it is incredible that I am so far behind schedule.

Shotguns and related gear are strewn on the garage floor, my hunting clothes are still in drawers or closets and will have to wait until tomorrow.  Household, yard and automotive things things I should have done days earlier stacked up until they had to be done today.  I’m beat and I’m going to go to bed now.  Getting the gear sorted, organized and loaded will have to wait until tomorrow as my early morning departure is replaced with a late morning departure.


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