News from Mr. Medicare

Just got back from my most recent outpatient surgery and happy to say that I got the lypoma that grew from muscles along my spinie removed before it required its own fishing and hunting licenses.

Aside from a little pain and some physical limitations for the next week, I’m fine and not complaining given the minor nature of my ills compared to so many others.  Yesterday I had an MRI on my left shoulder because it feels like the right one did, including the apparent rupture of the biceps tendon, which led to my shoulder surgery in March.

If the left one is going to require surgery, I’d like to get it done as soon as possible to avoid impact on my plans for the bird hunting season which will again take me to Montana and North Dakota along with the possibility of a trip to Oregon along the way.

In more interesting news, the football season for my Aztecs opens August 30th, and I’m plenty anxious and ready for  the games to begin.  The Aztecs have been named to bowl games each of the last four years and I’m certainly expecting them to make it five at the conclusion of this season.


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