The Joys of Growing Older

The lypoma that has sprung up on my back, the bunion on my right big toe, the slightly torn Achille’s tendons in both ankles and the ever present pain in both shoulders are not among the joys of growing older – simply artifacts that are difficult t avoid at this stage in my life.

Within the last hour, I spent time in our pool with one of the joys – our eight year old granddaughter Sydney who is visiting from Oroville.  Time and again I kicked her butt in races across the small pool.  Despite her claims that I repeatedly fouled by grabbing and holding her back as she was about to pass me, the race judge agreed with my contention that all entanglements were inadvertent and the result of her veering into my lane.

Tomorrow Syd and I will head to Burbank (including a lengthy stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga) so that she can join her mom, dad and brother for a few days at Universal Studios and Disneyland before staying with us for a couple of weeks in San Diego.

In the meantime, we continue in preparation for the marriage of our son Ryan and Julia this coming Saturday.  Lots going on, lots of good in the days ahead. 


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