I Need To Have My Head Examined

Whether I need to or not, I stop by the local Costco at least twice a week.  After all, there’s the better than average price for essentials that include gas, artichokes, Pacifico beer, Kirkland vodka, toilet paper and bottled water.  If you’ve not filled your gut at the food sample stations (aka “senior buffet”), there is always the attraction of a Polish sausage hot dog and unlimited lemonade for a buck and a half.

The people watching can be pretty good as well, though Costconians are generally not quite as other worldly as the Walmartians.

And there is one other thing – the impulse purchase merchandise.  My latest find was a chicken coop and since they were selling like hotcakes, I knew I had to have one.  Even before I got home, I realized it was not a good fit in our yard, so I passed the chicken condo along to our son and his bride-to-be who are regular and often reluctant recipients of the treasures I no longer need or never had a use for.

Thanks to terrific Chinese design and directions we managed to put the thing together with only a few missteps before heading off to the feed store for four three day-old baby chicks, along with wood shavings, feed, a feeder and waterer.

Dominique, Lulu, Roberta and Whatshername are now eight weeks old and fully feathered, meaning they were now ready to move from the comfort of the sunroom to the great outdoors – the one with hawks, coyotes, raccoons and other critters that would be most welcoming about throwing a dinner party for our girls.

Agreeing that they would need more room and the freedom to peck around, the next purchase was a dog kennel kit from Home Depot that could be constructed in a 10 foot by 10 foot configuration or five by fifteen.  We settled on the latter design and opened a box filled with galvanized pipe, wire, screws, a tad over 40 feet of six foot chain link fencing and directions in three languages, all of which promised the project would be complete in 45 minutes.

After roughly 45 hours, we were done, and even added a hog wire roof and floor for extra security.  I’m certain the dumbest guy standing in front of Home Depot could have finished in the prescribed 45 minutes.

Late yesterday evening we carried the Costco coop outside and placed it in the enclosure, followed by the addition of Dominique, Lulu, Roberta and Whatshername.  Frankly, the girls peeped and clucked unhappily and did not seem as appreciative as I think they should have been given our investment in time and enough money to have bought all the chicken eggs we would need for the rest of our lives.

Nobody said ranching was going to be easy.

Note: Now two nights into their new home, the rapidly growing chicks seem happy with their new accommodations.  


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