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The hunting season is over.  I can tell because I took the time this past weekend to clean all of my guns.  I should point out that my concept of cleaning a gun – not to mention my ability – is pretty superficial compared to what real gun guys do when they clean their guns.

A couple of guns got extra attention in which I scrubbed up their wood stocks with some Murphy’s Oil Soap to remove dirt from the checkering.  Between the dogs and I, we seem to slop some mud around during the hunting season.  I’m still trying to clean up mud splatter in the cab of my truck and wondering how we manage to get it on the ceiling.

Otherwise, my approach to “cleaning” a gun involves running a bore snake through the barrel a couple of times, adding a light coating of gun oil to the moving parts and wiping down all exterior metal with WD-40.  It works.  The old Remington 870 that I bought over 50 years ago doesn’t have a speck of rust and works just fine, though it doesn’t see much action anymore.

With the guns now put away in the safe, my attention is gradually turning from game birds to game fish.  This afternoon I’ll clean up some of the light fishing tackle and re-spool with fresh line which is something I should do more often.  While I’m at it, I’ll add some new leaders to my fly tackle and give some thought to a trip to the Eastern Sierras and Northern California.

A more serious question pertains to the availability of water in those areas.  With California in the midst of the greatest drought in its recorded history, things are looking pretty grim at this point.

At least things are going very well for my Aztecs.  After gutting out a tough win at Utah State this past weekend, they moved up in the national polls.  Now ranked 5th in both the Associated Press and USA Today Coaches polls, the Aztecs have moved all the way up to 3rd in the CBS Sports rankings.  Heady stuff for a team that few of us thought would be 18-1 at this point in the season and undefeated in conference play.

The primary benefit of high rankings in the polls is the role that will play in seeding for the NCAA tournament at the end of the season.  A favorable seeding goes along way in deciding how far a team will go in the tournament and ultimately how much money teams will earn for their schools which is an important consideration for a cash-strapped public university like San Diego State.

If you’re a fan of college basketball, keep an eye on the Aztecs.  They don’t shoot the ball particularly well, but they play tenacious defense, have a deep bench and are fun to watch.

Last week I finally made some progress with regard to my increasingly sore and weak shoulders.  X-rays and an MRI revealed partial tears in the AC joints of both shoulders and a bone spur that results in painful impingement in the right shoulder.  I’m thinking these issues, along with the fact I get a little older every day account for the declining distances in my golf game where I’ve lost about 30 yards with my driver, 20 with my long irons and about 10 yards with my short irons.

According to my orthopedic specialist, he can take care of the bone spur on an out-patient basis with an arthroscopic surgery that will allow for a quick recovery.  I have a consultation with him tomorrow and I’m hoping we can take care of this as soon as possible.



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