Fishing, Hunting, Aztecs and Hello 2014!

The new year arrived a few hours ago and for the first time in years I was awake.  Maybe I should admit that I was awakened for it – but I really was mostly awake in time to see the delayed broadcast of the big crystal ball dropping in Times Square three hours earlier.

Judging from the layers of clothes on the people who were gathered there, it was a bit nippier in New York than we are experiencing here in San Diego.  Fact is, the weather map I reviewed this morning indicated that most of North America is colder than our sunny San Diego where today finds golfers in shorts and sunbathers and surfers flocking to the beaches.

As for me, I plan to do a little more organizing in the garage.  Once I get everything neat and straightened out, I’ll go right back to spending the rest of the year unstraightening it.  By the end of today, I’ll be able to comfortably sit at my workbench and load a few boxes of 28 gauge shotgun shells.  By the end of the month it will take me an hour of moving things around just to get to my reloader.

This is the last month of the quail and waterfowl seasons and I’ll make an effort to make up for time lost as a result of caring for Gus due to his brush with a flesh eating bacteria at the start of the pheasant season in the second week of November.  I’m pleased to say that Gus is now mostly better thanks to surgery, steroids, a battery of antibiotics and a lot of money spent on Veterinary care needed to get the sweet guy back on his paws.

He is not quite there yet and just began another round of very expensive antibiotics, but at least we are no longer worrying that he might lose a leg or worse, that we will lose him.  Gus really is a sweet guy who seems even sweeter when compared to Jack who is nearly ten months and full of puppy piss and vinegar.  Already taller than Gus or Rainy, Jack shows more promise when it comes to duck hunting.  Unlike his elders, Jack is content to calmly (mostly anyway) sit next to me in the blind and wait for something to happen rather than being hellbent on trying to make something happen.

The most recent reports from our duck club suggest a better January than we are accustomed to, with better numbers of greenwing teal joining the pintail which have been reasonably steady this season.  Quail hunting is another story altogether.  Valley quail numbers seem to be down in most areas, the Gambel’s quail of the desert are typically elusive, and I haven’t seen a mountain quail in years.

Part of my garage reorganization efforts are a segue from the hunting season to the fishing season.  Once I am able to reach my forest of rods, I’ll begin the process of respooling with fresh line.  I’ve not made a New Year’s resolution, but I do have every intention to give a little more attention to the bass this spring if I can find a decent topwater bite.

With hunting and fishing covered, that takes care of two of my seasons.  One of the others of course involves my San Diego State Aztecs and with their recent victory in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, football has given way to basketball.  The conference season begins tonight with the 10-1 Aztecs (their only loss was to top-ranked Arizona) playing at Colorado State, but there is probably more anticipation for their game Sunday afternoon at Kansas where a win would give them a larger share of the national college basketball spotlight.

That’s it for me this morning as the garage awaits.

Happy New Year!



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