I Shouldn’t Be Here

I shouldn’t be here right now.  Instead, I should be at Lake Morena for our dawn to dusk outing of the Bumblephuck Anglers.  Looks like my day at the lake will be more mid-afternoon to dusk.

As original plans go this was a pretty good one.  Rontoro would secure a campsite with his travel trailer, which he has done.  Other members of this disheveled crew would show up for some easy fishing, followed by a meal of carne asada, chilie con carne, tortillas, appropriate beverages and a campfire.  It would be a reprise of a similar event held two years ago that turned out to be a good time.

This year, it seems to be unravelling a bit, despite the seven pounds of great looking carne asada and craft brew beers in my ice chest.  The fishing which has been terrific the last two weeks had gotten a bit tougher the last day or two.  As noted, it is easy fishing – drop a Rapala over the side, troll near the dam and reel in the large trout that are running two to ten pounds with an honest three pound average – easy fishing where a novice angler can do just as well as an “expert.” 

As an example, an eleven year old girl with not a lot of experience had the pleasure of reeling in most of the fish hooked on the boat she was in this past weekend.  She accounted for 13 rainbows, the five largest of which weight 22.5 pounds!

About that unravelling; roughly half of our group will not show up today as a result of other unanticipated consequences and choices that range from a back injury to work.  So be it – there will be plenty of carne asada, beans and tortillas for everyone.

Back to the title of this post.  It is now nearly 11, and I would normally have been up there already, but things have conspired to slow me down this morning.  My cough and congestion are now in their third week linger – walking pneumonia?  The antibiotics from a half-done root canal earlier this week seems to be conflicting with something and I feel kind of off kilter – or maybe it is the infection from the abscess.  Plus, I’m tired.  For some reason I was up pretty much on the hour every hour to pee last night – urinary tract infection?

In any event, I’m feeling a bit off and knew that to be the case when I spoke to the Council of Bass clubs at their monthly meeting last night.  When I finish this blog, I’ll begin to right myself and be on my way.  I’ll  gather up a few more things needed for tonight’s barbecue, including a warm jacket for this evening, and be on my way.


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