Humble Pie Replaces Turkey On The Menu

Roast wild turkey will not be on the Easter brunch menu tomorrow, but not for a lack of effort today.  I walked uphill and downhill.  I called as well as I could, and all that managed to attract to my decoy was a hen turkey and a coyote that visited me once in the horse pasture and again a bit later in the bull field.

Toms gobbled from a nearby canyon, but refused to leave the hens they were travelling with.  Before the day was over, I did manage to “roll” the largest turkey I have ever seen, a huge gobbler with a beard that looked about as long as Willie Nelson’s ponytail.  A fruitless one hour long search turned up nothing until he ran out the opposite side of some brush I probed in an effort to locate him.  I’d like to believe that I only nicked him, that he will be okay and we will meet up again before the season is over.

The brunch is but 14 hours away, and I’m disappointed that I won’t be adding roast wild turkey to the potluck table.  On the other hand, I might not have had much room for it anyway.  I’m pretty much stuffed from all that humble pie I had today.


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