The Aztecs, Packing for the Chargers, Lincoln and Boot Leather…

The description of this blog promises commentary on my SDSU Aztecs and I’ve not offered much in that regard.  That’s a bit odd considering that across the board my Aztec athletic teams have been enjoying unprecedented success which should provide me the opportunity to gloat a little bit.

Aztec football with its 9-3 record and share of the Mountain West Conference title is headed toward the Poinsettia Bowl and the women’s soccer and volleyball teams both earned NCAA tournament berths after winning MWC championships in those sports.

This brings us to the basketball season which is well into its non-conference schedule and both squads are again showing the form that earned them titles a year ago.  As a native San Diegan, there is nothing like knocking off our smog polluted and over-populated neighbor to the north and the Aztecs are doing a fine job when it comes to beating up on LA’s finest.

Earlier in the week the men headed north and took care of the Trojans in a nastily contentious contest that included two attempts to mug the Aztecs star player and concluded with Aztec fans marching out of the Galen Center chanting, “This is our house,” much to the chagrin of USC fans everywhere. 

Then last night the Aztec women hosted the Women of Troy and thoroughly beat the arrogance out of them, 80-46.

Next up is the John Wooden Classic at the Honda Center in Anaheim, pitting the Aztec men against UCLA.  As always, the Bruins are very talented, but largely running on the mystique of fumes from the national championships of their storied past.  With two Aztec starters questionable due to injuries, beating the Bruins will be a tall order, but winning this week’s three game quinella against LA’s finest is hardly out of the question.

If you were to guess from my tone that I’m not the only native San Diegan who can’t stand LA, you’d be right, but I’m also generous and gracious in victory, which is why if the Aztecs win, I’ll will offer them the Chargers, no strings or NFL championships attached.  I’ll even help them pack.

San Diego sports is a natural segue to a film review, so let’s hear it for Lincoln.  I saw this film Wednesday and ever since have been working on my nominations of Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field for Oscars.

No post on my blog during the hunting season is complete without an update and this one is no different.  I’ll do a little more gloating here by saying there have not been any seasons I’ve enjoyed more than the current one, especially when it comes to pheasant hunting in Imperial Valley.

Part of that comes from the fact that I have simply put more effort into this season.  Part is due to the fact that Gus is a demon in the ditches and part no doubt is the fact that we have been uncommonly lucky.  Yet another can be attributed to boot leather.  I’ve not logged this many miles in pursuit of ringnecks in a very long time, but the result has been well worth the effort. 

Our experience Friday was kind of typical.  Gus worked his ass off in the ditches and although I logged a few miles behind him, my ass remains entirely intact.  The ditches we picked looked good, but turned up empty until late in the afternoon.  It was then that, a Mexican Chinese ringneck flew over the border fence and the All American Canal, before plopping down in a small plot of vegetation that was nearly in our lap.  With my hunting partner approaching from the east side, Gus and I approached from the west.  When both guns were within range I turned Gus loose and it was just a matter of seconds before the rooster flushed and noisily cackled his intention to return to Mexico. 

The bird’s flight was terminated by a load of #5 copper coated shot that stopped him dead and dead center in the middle of the canal.  Within the next few days that rooster will have an evening appointment at the dinner table with some wild rice and mushroom sauce.

Postscript:  Though not unexpected, the Aztec basketball team just knocked off the Bruins in front of a Honda Center crowd dominated by celebrating Aztec fans.  To add insult to injury help them become accustomed to disappointment, I really think we need to give them the Chargers.


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