I’m Back….Pretty Much Anyway

My last post was in late July and here it is early October.  I guess I’m not much of a blogger if I can go almost three months between posts.

Right now, I’m focussing hard on the weeks ahead.  At some point, Gus and I will be hitting the road.  Our target will be Montana and North Dakota with pheasants in the bullseye and maybe even some sharptail grouse and Huns in the mix.

But first, a little catching up:

Hunting: The dove season opened September 1, and I managed oto get out five times, with four trips to Imperial Valley and one to Mesa Grande.  The birds were a little less numerous than in recent seasons, but some scouting before hand and patience later produced limits or a near limit most of those days. 

In preparation for the waterfowl opener on October 20, my partners and I have been doing a little work at our Whistling Wings Duck Club clearing the ditch that brings our water, mowing the dikes  and cutting down the omnipresent salt cedar, mesquite and Hitler Brush, aka quail bush or atroplex which like the salt cedar, is a refugee from Persia.

Later this week or early next week we will head down to set out the decoys.

Fishing:  Not so much,though friends have been hammering the dorado and yellowfin tuna offshore and hoopentting lobsters in the bays like crazy.

Aztecs:  A team that I had pegged for 5-1 at this point is now 3-3 as a result of a porous pass defense and horrid special teams play.  I’d say more but the tears on the keyboard could cause a short.

Golf:  Why?

With that our of the way, let me you tell you about my new truck.  For the first time in my life, I bought a vehicle that had everything I wanted and a little bit more.  For a price only slightly less than our house, I bought a 4X4 King Ranch model Ford F-150 that does everything but wipe my butt.  I did not know they made vehicles that would record all of your CDs into a hard drive.  Between the CD’s I added, and my IPOD, I could be a DJ today!  I love this truck, but with the gas prices approaching $5 today (a tanker truck must have had a flat tire on I-15) I may have to sell the house before my next fill-up.

A Leer camper shell and Bedrug will be installed this week and after that it will be a matter of planning and executing my fall bird hunting trip.

Right now, it looks like I will be visiting Montana and North Dakota and could hardly be more excited.  After two very rough years, the reporsts indicate that the birds have  modestly rebounded and that is good news for Gus and I.

A day will soon come when the truck will be loaded and Gus and I will pull out onto I-15 and not look back for at least two days. After that we will look for 10 to 14 days on the road in pursuit of game birds – and we pretty much live for those days.

If things work out really well, Ryan will fly in and we will pick him up for a few days of hunting and adventuring with us.



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