Shit. It’s April?

Like Rip Van Winkle, that little nap I took has kind of gotten away from me.  When I started this stuff, I promised myself that I’d add something to my blog at least once a week, if not considerably more.  It has now been five weeks since my nap began and the only promise I broke was to myself – and I’m pissed at me.

There have been plenty of things I could have blogged about…….the trout showing up at Lake Morena, my shorthanded Aztecs getting mugged by the Tarheels for a one and done appearance in the big show and the turkeys that will have nothing to do with me, my calling or my decoys.  Coyotes are another matter.

Yep, I could have written something about all of them and should have.  Instead, maybe I will hide behind “injury,” as a shield.  I first went on the injured reserve list November 1, when the overweight suitcase that was stuck between the front and back seats of my truck broke free after repeated yanks on the handle.  It leaped like a thoroughbred out of the starting gate and spun me around while my feet were still planted.  I figured something would happen as a result and while it didn’t hurt at the time, it has ever since – not an excruciating pain, but one that is uncomfortable and annoying every time my scapulas are engaged, which is only when I move my arms.

After three months of circuit training to strengthen my core and increase healing blood flow in my spine there has not been much change regarding the pain, but my core is strong as can be.  Can’t tell much about the healing blood flow though.

If there is one positive, lately I’ve not noticed the moderate pain between my shoulder blades as much, but the negative ying to that yang is that it has been obscured by the extraordinary and constant pain in my sciatic nerve.  I’d trade that in a heartbeat for the pain that comes with moving my arms.

On second thought, blaming my lack of blogging effort on injuries is really a – pardon the pun – lame excuse.

It might also be attributable to the fact that a number of folks have told me they can’t tolerate or circumnavigate the process necessary for them to post a comment on this blog site and the truth is that it is the comments – good and/or bad that fuel my desire and energy to write.  I know their pain as I can’t even figure out how to respond or answer the few comments that are posted.

Some have suggested transferring The Sporting Life to a more user friendly host.  Blogspot and Cafe Press have been suggested.  At this point, I don’t know what I’ll do.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue stretching my hamstrings which is supposed to help with sciatica –  and probably take another nap.


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  1. Please, please, please remind me to give you a "blogspot lesson" next time you are in town. I'll show you how to add pictures, and there are some things you can do to make commenting easier. After all, the comments are the best part, right?

    PS: Unfortunately, I have not found an easy way to respond to comments, yet, but I'm figuring it out and share with you what I know.

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