Hey, It’s a New Year and I’ve Made Some Resolutions….

In 2012 I resolve to:

1.  Work with a physical therapist, witch doctor or anyone else with a cure, magic spell or elixir that will get rid of the crazy and painful kink that causes pain from the top of my spine to my shoulder blades every time I turn my head, lift my arms or do any of the other things a person normally does several time a minute….

2.  Fish more.  Hell, I’m retired, there is no reason for me not to fish a little more often.  As proof of my conviction on this, I got a headstart on this resolution by going fishing yesterday at Lake Morena.  I didn’t catch anything, but it was a beautiful day on the water, I watched eagles soar, ospreys dive and the largest flocks of gadwall I’ve ever seen anywhere.  I also saw a beautiful three pound rainbow come unbuttoned at the net.  The temperature reached 81 degrees at the lake on December 31!  This is San Diego and there aren’t 20 days a year in which weather is a reason not to get outdoors and do something…

3.  Hunt more.  Actually, I hunted quite a bit this past year, but my plan to make a couple of out of state trips for pheasants in particular fell through.  I’m pretty disappointed about that, as is Gus who loves nothing more than to shove his muzzle into the rump of a fat rooster and inhale….

4.  Golf a little bit more, maybe once every week or two, but only when fishing or hunting which I enjoy much more are not plausible.  Actually, I don’t enjoy the game as much as I enjoy the friends I play with.  My interest in playing hinges on finding reasonable green fees as it makes no sense to me to pay $50 for a round when the same course can be played for half that at promotional or twilight rates.  That said, golf at any price will not be possible until I get this kink worked out….

5.  Write more.  In a past that involved almost daily writing within the realm of a municipal bureaucracy as well as weekly writing for a newspaper or the occasional magazine, writing is something I need to do from time to time, like taking out the trash or cleaning the wax from my ears.  Blogging, which I began only a few months ago has kind of filled a void, but would be much more enjoyable if I was handy enough to be able to do things like add photos or improve the format….

6.  Blog more.  At least enough to learn how to add photos or tinker with the format.  See resolution #5….

The resolutions listed above purposely reflect only my self interests and as a result may seem inherently selfish.  Not listed are other resolutions that go beyond me, me, me and I am not so naive as to believe there are not things I can do to be a better husband, father, grandfather, neighbor or friend.

That said, this is only the first day of a new year and there are another 364 days ahead.  I’m looking forward to something good in all of them and hoping they are good for you too.

Happy New Year!


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