Film Reviews, Aztecs, Fishing Report & Quail Recipe all in a Single Blog Entry!

It was another boring and dreary weather day in San Diego (70’s blue sky and no wind) so we decided to catch a movie.  I was a little surprised but somewhat enthused when Andrea suggested War Whores, but when I went on-line to look up some reviews and trailers I could only find listings for Warhorse.  Seeing that several reviewers described it as depressing film about the horrors of WWI, I decided to take a pass on it.

The Descendants was mentioned as another good option and since it starred the normally funny George Clooney who has been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the film, I opted for it after seeing a trailer with some scenes that made me laugh.  The film itself turned out to be not nearly as funny as the trailer unless you find humor in seeing scene after scene of a dying woman on life support.  If you do, keep in mind that the rest of the film is not quite that funny.

Another film we saw recently was Hugo.  This is a difficult film to describe, but I rather enjoyed it after the first four hours when the story began to come together and the pace picked up on the way to a happy ending. 

I’m thinking I may not see another film until War Whores finally comes out, which is a handy segue to my SDSU Aztecs and the veteran players they are picking up as transfers from other schools.  The biggest impact player of the bunch, and certainly the tallest might be the 6’10” center who has decided he’d rather be an Aztec than a Virginia Cavalier.  The Aztecs reached the Sweet 16 last year and their only playoff loss was to a UCONN team that went on to win the national championship.  The Aztecs have developed a solid program that allows them to reload rather than rebuild as evidenced by their current ranking of 22nd, despite losing four starters from last year’s Sweet 16 team.

Not to be left out, the football team has picked up a transfer who started 22 games at quarterback as a Beaver and a discarded Trojan who is a topnotch receiver.  Both players arrive as grad students with one year of eligibility left and a likelihood of becoming starters.  Another used Trojan who may never be a grad student, but was the nation’s high school player of the year as a running back in 2009, has applied to SDSU and will enroll pending  academic clearance.

Last night the young and feisty women’s basketball team had a dominating performance with a double digit knockout of TCU which came into the game as the Conference’s pre-season favorite.

Overall, the athletic fortunes of the university that endured my attendance for more years than should have been necessary are indeed looking up and on the rise, but do not provide much of a segue into a fishing report, so I’ll keep it brief.  Lake Morena isn’t quite ready.  While the lake may be teeming with trout, it appears that frigid water may be to blame for generally disappointing results.  The best guess here is that water temperature which is now hovering in the low 40’s will need to warm up about 10 degrees for the outstanding fishing we enjoyed last year to repeat itself..

If the water temperature is too cold to fish, the air temperature in the mountains is just right for chasing quail which I did last week.  Earlier blog entries were dedicated to praising my new 28 gauge Franchi shotgun and this will be no different.  At barely five pounds it was nearly three pounds lighter than the 12 gauge shotguns lugged by my companions.  With a cylinder choke in the lower barrel and improved cylinder in the upper barrel, it was a perfect match for the Valley quail and at the end of the day there were enough of them in the gamebag to prove it.

Sauteed quail breast was a pleasing white meat departure from the dove and duck we’ve been enjoying this winter and the following recipe proved just right:

Quail on the Run

Fry chopped bacon and when half done, add sliced onion and sliced mushrooms and saute until done.  Set aside bacon, onion and mushrooms.  If there is not enough bacon grease left in the pan, add olive oil.  When medium hot add de-boned quail breasts that have been dipped in egg and dredged in flour seasoned with garlic powder, paprika, salt and black pepper.  Turn once and fry until golden.  Return onion, bacon and mushrooms to pan followed by a mushroom gravy created by mixing one can of condensed mushroom soup with 1/2 can of chicken broth and 1/2 can of white wine.  Serve with leftover wine after all ingredients are well mixed and heated. 


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