Update on Gus and our Christmas Card

Gus is on the mend and feeling great, but will miss the remainder of the hunting season as we wait for his wound to heal from the inside out.  Our annual Christmas letter with photos of the kids and grandkids has been considerably less fortunate and continues to fester.  I have written two different and very suitable Christmas letters (one long and one short, depending on the number of photos added), but because of my of gross computer incompetence (you will note that I don’t even know how to get photos into my blog) I have not been able to enter the obligatory photos of smiling grandchildren, our children and their partners.  That task was saved for Ryan and Julia and was going reasonably well.  There were photos of grandkids Sydney and Evan, another of Andrea looking great and me looking fat, of Andrea and Jennifer with the kids at the beach, of Tyler with Evan, of Ryan and Julia, of Ryan spear fishing and in his referee’s uniform and so on.  There was one more of Tyler and Jennifer looking quite stylish in front of the Christmas tree and just as it was moved into the card, the swelling began to appear as that photo could not be resized into a smaller version.  Instead, it dominates the top third of the whole thing and will not allow itself to be downsized or even removed, making it appear as if Tyler is eating the rest of the page grandkids and all.  I’m told the underlying problem is my reliance on the lost language of Microsoft Works rather than Word Perfect which Ryan, Julia and the rest of the free world are apparently conversant with.  As a result, the entire gangrenous effort is badly infected, in critical condition and in danger of missing Christmas entirely.  If so, feel free to imagine the photos I have described and keep your eyes peeled for our New Year’s missive.


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