Update #2

Gus went to the Vet again today to have his bandage removed, wound cleaned and rebandaged.  While there, we learned the names of the three bacteria that invaded his body, also that he would be going off or one of his two antibiotics and start another to continue the battle against the bacteria, all of which came with the lab’s notation of “abundant growth.”

The names of the culprits are Klebsiella pneumoniae, the rare Aeromonas Sobria and an Enterococcus species not further identified.  Whether they came from the ditches, the alfafa field or some other source is something we will probably never know. 

Best of all, Gus is clearly on the mend and the road to full recovery and the same can be said for our Christmas missive which will be mailed this evening.

Early Thursday morning we will begin the 565 mile journey to Oroville and a week with Jen, Tyler, Syd and Evan.  It is unlikely that I will add anything to my blog until we return so this is a good time to thank you for following along with The Sporting Life, encourage you to sign on as a follower and add comments when moved to do so.  With that, I wish you and yours, both two-legged and four-legged, a great holiday season and Happy New Year!


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