I am such a choker!

Most people don’t understand pheasant hunting, so I will offer a basketball analogy to the events of the last few days:

We are down by a single point and I have gone to the foul line for two free throws with no time left on the clock.  My first attempt clangs against the front of the rim and falls to the floor.  After that, I have no chance to win the game but can earn a tie with a simple free throw.  I take a deep breath and launch a shot that misses everything – an absolute air ball and we lose!

That was what it was like Wednesday and again on Thursday.  A big rooster shoots into the air, hangs like a balloon just 25 yards from me – and I whiff – not once, but twice.

I’m a bit disconsolate right now, but if I eve get over this I will follow up with more.


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