Catching Up

After a five week layoff, I figure it is time to get back in this saddle, even if only briefly.  It is not that I have been so busy, but it might be something that stems from my childhood.  My mother used to repeat the universal refrain about not saying anything unless you have something good to say while my father’s advice was closer to “if you don’t have anything to say, keep your mouth shut and don’t pretend that you do.”
Even today, I don’t have much to say, but a review might be in order.  With the help of Junior Nanny Evie, Jennifer brought granddaughter Sydney and grandson Evan for a for a two week long visit that included lots of pool time – enough that Syd has tossed her Floaties and is now a swimmer of sorts.  They’re all back home now with Evan gearing up for pre-school and his sister getting ready for first grade.
Ryan has continued to stick enough corbina in the surf to keep us supplied with fish tacos and ceviche on a pretty regular basis and I’ve settled on a simple and basic recipe for the latter (dice fillets into M&M size pieces and cover with fresh lime juice for 12 hours before pouring off juice and mixing with fresh pico de gallo, come diced mango and avocado) that has been perfect for warm summer evenings and a cold Pacifico.
Yesterday was a day or trepidation as I took Gus in to be neutered (he thought I said “nurtured”), have his teeth cleaned, receive the first of two rattlesnake vaccination and have an ID chip inserted between his shoulder blades.  As a result of all this, I expected him to be a bit under the weather and possibly obsessed with trying to remove the stitches from his ball-less scrotum.  Instead, I picked up the same affectionate and rambunctious character I’d dropped off in the morning, save for the fact he is now a eunuch – and a dental patient.  The process of cleaning his teeth revealed a chipped tooth that has now become a home for a cavity and a canine tooth (technically, aren’t all of a dog’s teeth “canine” teeth?) that appears to be dying if not already dead.  I cannot believe that I will now be taking Gus to a veterinary dentist to see if the tooth can be saved with a root canal.  If not, will we be looking at a bridge or implant?
As a man for three seasons (fishing, hunting and San Diego State University Aztecs), 2011 is finally coming into focus.  It appears this will be a year for fall fishing, hunting season begins as it always does with the dove opener on September 1, and my Aztecs are beginning their second week of fall practice with the opener just around the corner on September 3.
Always the eternal (that sounds kind of redundant) optimist, I’m looking forward to all three seasons with much……well, optimism. 

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