So, now I’m a blogger?

June 14, 2011.  I’d better mark that down.  After too long spent talking about doing this, I’m finally getting started, thanks in large part to the encouragement I found on the Outdoor Bloggers Network (OBN) which provides me with the opportunity to scratch my itch to again write.  At this stage in my life, and after many years spent writing for publication, I have no worries about my ability to write.  Figuring out how to create a blog is quite another matter and I’m more than a tad frustrated.

As that frustration subsides, The Sporting Life will evolve into a reflection of me, my life, the things I did or do and enjoy – and my opinions.  The outdoors will be the general epicenter for a blog that will focus primarily on fishing, hunting, birding, birddogs, outdoor equipment and travel – along with the some of the people, policies and other factors that make those things possible and enjoyalbe enough to be a part of our “sporting life.”  In the interest of vigilance it might also include some commentary about those people and policies that make these pursuits less enjoyable, less possible or in the worst of cases, impossible.

There will of course be diversions from time to time as they ascend in my sporting life.   They might include my family or friends, my love/hate relationship with the game of golf and occasional braying over the success or failure of my San Diego State University Aztecs, a sleeping giant that is beginning to wake from a sleep that makes Rip Van Winkle’s slumber seem like an afternoon nap.  Doubters may check the record for the 2010-11 year to find that SDSU’s football and Sweet 16 basketball teams won more games and had the best combined winning percentage in the nation – except for the one that provides its athletes with courtesy cars and just fired its football coach.

More important than the content, initially at least, will be the effort to so something with the layout and design and that will have to be a priority if I expect anyone to take a second look at this critter.


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