Nice Hiatus

A friend who checks my blog with some regularity expressed concern that I’ve not posted anything lately and wanted to know if I had tired of blogging.  The answer is “no.”

The brief hiatus is the result of a two week visit from our granddaughter Sydney and her Super Junior Nanny Evie.  Syd is five, Evie is 16 and we only catch up with them after they have come to a complete stop.  It has been a blast, we’ve had fun and they fly home to Oroville Saturday afternoon.

When it comes to outdoor activities, we managed to get out late last week for a morning of fishing at Lake Morena and the girls did great.  In three hours of fishing around the aerator bubble at Lake Morena they managed to hook a dozen trout and get all but four into the boat, including a limit for Syd on her first fishing trip.  If and when someone shows me how to post photos in my blog, I’ll share a photo of Syd and her trout with you.

Sydney is fascinated with lizards and bugs and loves to catch both.  When I failed to corral a side blotch lizard that out-maneuvered me, a gardener working across the street presented Sydney with a rather agitated alligator lizard.  After observing and discussing “Gator’s” surly attitude and strong jaws, Sydney agreed with my suggestion that we enroll him in a work-release program in our garden.

In related news, Sydney might be the only child I’ve known to adopt a June bug as a pet.  She named the bug “Flower,” and was good about taking care of it.  She checked on it each morning when she woke up and each evening before she went to bed.  Several times each day she would exercise it by allowing it to crawl up and down her arms.  Flower would regularly take flight and occasionally become lost until rescued by our hastily formed search party.

On the fourth day, and despite loving care and regular exercise, I regret to say that Flower passed away.  The bug cage stands empty, but the search is on for a worthy successor.

Of greater concern to me right now is figuring out how to get “Butterfly,” past the TSA agents when Sydney and Evie fly home in two days.  It would be much easier if Butterfly was a butterfly rather than a red beta purchased for Sydney as a compromise instead of the turtle and Guinea pig that she preferred.

Once I get that figured out, I’ll find more time for my blog.




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  1. Liz got a very small baby iguana years ago. I highly recommend them as pets. It was very tame, as long as it stayed inside, and had free range of our house. it would sit on the back of the couches sunning itself most of the day. It grew to over 6' long and we had to build it an iguanaminium. Sadly it died of a broken heart when Liz left for college. Try burying stiff as a board 6' long iguana. Not easy. If you'd like I'll get one for Syd and leave it at your house.

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