I’m Starting to Like This!

I’ve been at this for three days now, and except for my ineptitude in trying to make the site look the way I want, I’m beginning to like this.  A few people have commented on what I have written.  It is like adding high octate fuel to my tank and very much appreciated. 

I remember reading that there are legions of people who wait breathlessly with Blackberrys in hand to know when and where Paris Hilton takes a leak.  Accordingly, I feel obligated to let you know what I have been doing. 

Yesterday, I learned that Trout Unlimited is sponsoring a contest for member of the Outdoor Bloggers Network, with the writers of the four “best” blogs being chosen for a trip to a lodge in Montana’s Centennial Valley.

Our family tried to go there in an old motorhome 25 years ago with lure of incredible bird watching and spectacular fishing.  I’d gone only a few miles up a dirt road until the dust and dirt coming into the motorhome made it resemble the inside of a vacuum cleaner bag, so we turned around and headed back to the paved roads around Yellowstone.

I want you to know that there was nothing unusual about my 27 trips to the toilet today to take a leak, it was pretty much like any other day.  If you follow her tweets, please let me know how Paris did today.

Between those 27 trips, I played 18 holes of bad golf with three friends.  I hit some good shots, but far more bad shots and I’d say they did pretty much the same.  That’s golf, and that was today.

Tomorrow we will continue to prepare for the arrival of our granddaughter Sydney and her junior nanny Evie.  The zoo, beach, Sea World, Legoland, Wild Animal Park, camping,fishing and a host of other activities are on our horizon – and we are excited.

Hey, here is some blogworthy news, gotta go peefor the 28th time and there are still over two hours left in the day.

AndI thought I wouldn’t have enough of interest to write about!. 


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