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It’s Been A While – Here’s Why

After going to the effort and a little bit of expense to have my blog nicely updated by the webmistress, it is embarrassing that I have pretty much quit posting to it and I figure I owe it to those of you kind enough to follow me – to explain why.

First of all, I’m writing as much or more than in the past, but writing for different destinations.  The first is SDFish.com which I’m told has on the order of 10,000 readers and forums which easily allows interaction between those who read and those who write – and I need that interaction.  The only negative is that since it is a site dedicated to fishing, I can only scratch my itch to write by writing about the subject of fishing.

On the other hand, I am working ever so gradually on my memoir Lake Boy which is not limited to fishing or anything else as it is simply about me, along with the people, places and things I have experienced or observed over the 70 years of my life.

As a result, those two things have become priorities for my writing over this blog, but with that said I will try to do a better job of finding time for it from time to time.

As a final note, I invite you to join me at sdfish.com which is free, easy to join and allows for easier interaction.






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